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Medical expenses †deductibility in personal income taxation Free Essays

Government Income charge code determines the for the most part deductible costs in the individual tax collection from a person which incorporate clinical costs, certain duties, contract premium, venture intrigue and altruistic commitments. These conclusions referenced in the section are known as ordered derivations. It must be noticed that any uses not explicitly permitted as organized derivations are not admissible against the individual salary subject to burden. We will compose a custom paper test on Clinical costs †deductibility in close to home salary tax collection or on the other hand any comparable subject just for you Request Now Clinical costs paid out by the available individual on himself, life partner and wards are permitted as an organized conclusion. The extra focuses to be noted are that the derivation is permitted uniquely to the degree to which the clinical costs are not repaid and the reasoning is restricted to 7.5% of the citizens Adjusted Gross Income. 1.0â DEFINITION OF MEDICAL EXPENSES The meaning of clinical costs is exceptionally expansive to cover not just the costs brought about for the finding, fix, alleviation, treatment, or counteraction of the sickness yet in addition covers costs caused for preventive wellbeing spread and expenses of intermittent physical and dental assessments of the citizen. The significant point here is that such reasonings are permitted in any event, when the citizen is healthy. Subsequently, such clinical costs caused for the treatment of infections influencing any structure or capacity of the body are named as clinical costs to evaluate the salary for charge purposes. 2.0â COSMETIC SURGERY-DEDUCTIBILITY Costs brought about for Cosmetic Surgery are deductible when the medical procedure is important to enhance a distortion emerging from an amicable anomaly or an individual physical issue or A distorting malady. Any clinical costs acquired on corrective medical procedure for purposes other than those which are pointless are not deductible. For instance, charges paid to a corrective specialist for a cosmetic touch up of an individual of 75 years age to improve his appearance is pointless and thus not deductible. In any case, the expense of reestablishing the face by restorative medical procedure, which is deformed in a mishap, is deductible. 3.0â DEDUCTIBILITY OF CERTAIN OTHER EXPENSES 4.1 COSTS INCURRED IN A NURSING HOME/HOME FOR AGED At the point when an individual is conceded in a nursing home or home for the matured principally to get clinical consideration, at that point the costs brought about for the nursing home costs including dinners and housing are passable as a conclusion. In any case if the essential worry for being admitted to the nursing home or the home for matured is close to home, just the costs paid for clinical or reviling is deductible, though, expenses of housing and suppers are not deductible. 4.2 TUITION EXPENSES At the point when a ward is sent to a school having uncommon assets for lightening the ailments brought about by mental or physical incapacity, the educational cost costs paid to the school is a suitable finding. In such cases, the expense of dinners and housing notwithstanding the education costs is admissible. 4.3 MEDICAL EXPENSES INCURRED FOR SPOUSE AND DEPENDENTS A citizen is qualified for guarantee the derivation in his balanced gross pay of the clinical costs brought about by him on his/her life partner and for an individual who is reliant on him/her at the time such costs were acquired. Again the reliance is to be resolved based on specific rules as spelt out in the Act and the calendars. 4.4 EXPENSES INCURRED ON TRANSPORTATION, MEALS AND LODGING FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT Transportation costs like transport, taxi, train or plane passage, charges for rescue vehicle benefits and cash based costs for the utilization of a car for driving to and from a state of treatment for clinical consideration are deductible. The citizen is qualified for pick either a mileage stipend or genuine cash based car costs. Derivation is took into account the related stopping expenses and cost charges, though the expense of dinners, on the way are not permitted as a conclusion. Likewise the expense of transportation of a parent going with a debilitated kid or an attendant or other orderly going with an individual who is making a trip to get clinical consideration is permissible, if it is so the patient can not travel alone and needs a guide to go with during the excursion. The Lodging costs which are brought about basically for clinical consideration, when the clinical consideration is given by a specialist in an authorized medical clinic or center are permitted as finding. No rich or unrestrained housing costs including noteworthy component of individual joy entertainment or excursion in the movement away from home is permitted as derivation. The cutoff for such housing costs qualified for conclusion is $50 every night for the patient just as the individual who must go with the patient. 4.5 ALLOWABILITY MEDICAL INSURANCE PREMIUMS AS DEDUCTION The greatest furthest reaches of 7.5 % of the balanced gross pay of the citizen passable as reasoning incorporate the clinical protection premiums, independent of the way that such premiums are paid under a gathering or individual arrangement. At the point when the clinical protection premium is paid by the business such premium is excluded from the pay of the citizen and it can't be remembered for the employee’s clinical cost either. Protection premiums paid by an independently employed individual are permitted as a business pay. The premium paid for the mate and wards likewise meet all requirements for finding. Premiums paid by organizations on their workers social insurance is permitted as business use for the organizations concerned. 4.0â DEDCUTION OF CAPITAL EXPENDITURES INCURRED FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES When swimming is a piece of a clinical treatment and there is no accessibility of a local pool then the capital costs acquired on building such pool will get qualified for reasoning. Likewise a Window Air-conditioner which isn't perpetual in nature, dust end framework, lifts and a room worked to house an iron lung are a portion of the instances of permissible capital consumption. The essential standards in deciding the admissibility of such use is that they are required as clinical need upon the counsel of a specialist or doctor, the office is utilized principally by the patient alone and the consumption is sensible. Thus use like building passageway and off-ramps to the living arrangement broadening corridors and entryways to suit wheelchair, introducing bolster bars and railings in washrooms and other lounge rooms and modifying any electrical outlets or installations offer themselves qualified for reasoning given that the consumption is brought about to empower a truly debilitated individual live freely and profitably. In the event that a capital use is permitted as a clinical cost, at that point the reasonable cost is deductible in the year caused. Every one of these costs are permitted dependent upon the general roof of 7.5% of the balanced gross pay. 5.0â DEDUCTION ARE ALLOWED ON A CASH BASIS Whatever be the technique for bookkeeping received by the individual, the clinical costs are deductible on a money premise. This implies the are deductible just in the year in which they are paid with a special case on account of expired individual, when the costs are paid inside a time of death then the costs would be considered to have paid when they are acquired. Reasoning isn't permitted as of now for any clinical costs that will be caused later on, subject obviously to the special case that the citizen has a commitment to pay the expenses ahead of time under the approach of the doctor or the establishment outfitting the clinical consideration.                    Works Cited    â€Å"Hoffman, Smith, Wills †Individual personal expenses 2007 Part 10 pp 10-2 to 10-8 West Federal Taxation (Thomson)    Step by step instructions to refer to Medical costs †deductibility in close to home pay tax assessment, Essay models

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Edger Allan Poe essays

Edger Allan Poe papers Ssshhh! Whats that commotion underneath the floor? Sound natural, possibly you have heard this updated expression from shows like, The Simpsons or Friends. That expression originated from The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, who was a compose comparatively radical. He delivered numerous exemplary books that are still understood today, however like all writers he needed to begin from the earliest starting point. Edgar Poe was conceived on January 19, 1809, in Baltimore, Massachusetts, to father Dave and mother Elizabeth Poe. Edgar had a sibling, William Henry, and a sister, Rosaline. Presently, his family moved to New York where his dad, David Poe, continued his acting profession. David before long quit acting and relinquished his family. He passed on a brief timeframe later (Wagenknecht). Before long a short time later, Edgars mother, Elizabeth, created tuberculosis at the age of twenty-four and kicked the bucket, The picture of his moms youthful, despite everything, white face was to frequent Edgar for an amazing remainder (Wright). A youthful tobacco vendor and merchant from Richmond, John Allen and his significant other Frances, took in Edgar. His more seasoned sibling, William, was taken by his granddad and his sister, Rosaline, was taken by another relative that lived in Richmond. They cherished him like their own youngster. This was the manner by which Edgar got his center name Allan, tossed his new family. In 1815, John Allan moved his family to England and keeping in mind that there Edgar was sent to non-public school. For a long time he concentrated in England with his new family that he cherished without question. After his five years in England the Allans moved back to America. It was said that Mrs. Allan adored Edgar without a doubt, however the story was diverse with John. Despite the fact that Edgar and Johns relationship may have appeared now and again cold John consistently dealt with Edgar and consequently he had Edgars regard (Wright). In 1826, Edgar returned to America; there he went to the University of Virginia. He was an exceptional understudy and exceeded expectations in vario... <!

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The Essay Experts LinkedIn Advice Covered by U.K. Career Blog!

The Essay Experts LinkedIn Advice Covered by U.K. Career Blog! Last Sunday I was interviewed by Luca Rosi, Editorial Manager at Hays, a leading global professional recruiting group based in the U.K., for his career blog, Keeping ahead of the game. I answered 13 questions and Mr. Rosi published 12 of them in two blog articles on December 1 and 2: How to write a KILLER LinkedIn profile 1 and How to write a KILLER LinkedIn profile 2. If you’re curious to read my answers to the questions below, please visit Luca’s blog. You might also like his most recent entry on how to make an impact at an interview! How to write a KILLER LinkedIn profile 1 Has the role of the traditional CV now diminished given the stellar rise of LinkedIn? Is it as simple as uploading my CV and sprinkling a few keywords to make my profile search friendly? What’s the biggest mistake professionals make with their LinkedIn profiles? What three things can I do today to build my personal online brand? Do I really need 500+connections? What can I do to boost my numbers? If I’m unemployed, should I reveal this in my headline for example? How to write a KILLER LinkedIn profile 2 Would you recommend that I upgrade to a premium account to boost my chances of finding a job? What’s the protocol for recommendations? Surely I shouldn’t have to ask Apart from joining groups (the QA section is no longer), how else can I demonstrate my expertise? How regularly should I be sharing updates and do they all have to be related to my industry? Should I be using more of partner applications such as Slideshare? And finally, what’s the best piece of career advice that anyone has given you? What happened to the 13th question and answer? Here it is: The average age of a LinkedIn user is 41. Is this the platform for graduates or first jobbers? BB: Some of those 41-year-olds are recruiters and hiring managers. So absolutely! Also some new features on LinkedIn are more specifically geared toward younger job seekers. Are there questions you want me to answer? Please post them in the comments!

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The On Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness - 1467 Words

In the United States, we really put an emphasis on liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is one of our founding principles; however, in some areas, we seem to want to limit that. For example, in our education system, our society has been arguing for quite some time about whether or not there should be options or whether everyone should be required to attend the standard brick-and-mortar public schools. While those schools serve a critical purpose in our society, that does not mean that other types of schools are worthless. Because we are all different, we need to value and provide options in our education. Not every person learns in the same way. Our brains process things differently, and our personalities can be vastly different. Trying to make every student conform to the same way of learning is like trying to fit a circle in a square peg; it does not work. According to the National Science Teachers Association, â€Å"Students actually learn best through various styles: personal meaning, conceptual learning, how things work, and self-discovery.† The article goes on to say that those who learn by personal meaning process things well using discussion, while those who learn best by conceptual learning are more solitary. As you can see, the former would probably do well in group learning; however, the latter may benefit from being at home or in a solitary environment. Some kids might like to learn with hands-on learning while others like to learn from books.Show MoreRelatedThe Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness1065 Words   |  5 PagesThe Declaration of Independence dec lares that human beings have certain unalienable rights, â€Å"that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.† Through slavery, these rights were systematically denied to a select class of people. George Santayana (1905) commented that, â€Å"those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.† Although abortion is legal in this country, the debate on whether it should be or not is far from settled. In November of 2014, Colorado Amendment 67 (TheRead MoreThe, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness1679 Words   |  7 Pageshold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These words represent the ideals of our country, but at the time that they were written, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were withheld from many members of american society. Racism, the belief that the physica l appearance of a person or group determines their capabilities and that oneRead MoreThe, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness1999 Words   |  8 Pages​â€Å"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness† are the ideals the United States was founded on. This means that everyone has a right to live and do what makes them happy. They are able to do this without fear of punishment, retaliation, or persecution. However, some countries throughout history, believed that this was not the correct way for their people to live. They felt that the government should have absolute control over everything the people did. In light of this, such a country may be ledRead MoreThe, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness1728 Words   |  7 PagesThe words â€Å"†¦ that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.† are the building blocks that gave rise to on e of the greatest countries, the United States of America. Without the help of influential leaders, such as Thomas Paine and his thought provoking writing Common Sense, this country’s independence would have ceased to exist. In April of 1775 the war began which would beRead MoreLiberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness2764 Words   |  12 PagesAccording to the Declaration of Independence, one of the documents on which our country bases its government on, â€Å"all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.† So is there a reason, or cause that someone could lose these God given rights? What would bring about the stripping of a citizens birthright of the enumerated freedoms, laid out by the United States Constitution? Perhaps a violationRead MoreLiberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness2015 Words   |  9 Pages Thomas Jefferson, as well as other American enlightenment thinkers at the time, held the belief that â€Å"all Men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their CREATOR, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.† (US, 1776) This line from the Declaration of Independence does not make a distinction between any groups of people – it specifies that ALL men have access to these unalienable rights, which proves to be in conflict with the systemRead MoreLife, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness789 Words   |  4 Pagesshould declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We reaffirm today these truths to self-evident, that all people are created equal, that they are endowed by creation with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. - That these rights are secured by Governments instituted among Men and deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, - And when Government has become destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alterRead MoreLife, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness902 Words   |  4 PagesAs a citizen of the United States, you are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is a VIRTUE that everyone embarks on; however, what if you were told you were doing it wrong? Aristotle begins his STORY stating that â€Å"EVERY art and every inquiry, and similarly every action and pursuit, is thought to aim at some good; and for this reason the good has rightly been declared to be that at which all things aim.† He goes on to say then, becaus e these ends at which we aim are onlyRead MoreLife, Liberty, The Pursuit Of Happiness1852 Words   |  8 Pages Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness; this is one prime reasons why America is so great. Very few places can you go and get what America has to offer. ‘Of, relating to, or characteristic of the United States or its inhabitants†, this is the definition of ‘American’ according to Google. Why is this ‘relevant’, you might ask? Lets take a look back, Apollo 13 and Argo films showed just what its like to represent America, and embodied what the American dream is made of, and what it is like to comeRead MoreWomen, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness Essay1197 Words   |  5 PagesWe hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.† Despite our founding stating that all men are created equal, the course of history has proven otherwise. Throughout the 19th and 20th century, reforms were m ade, but the lack of equality still remained unresolved. Today the conquest for racial equality and reform still remains a prevalent

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Genetically Modified Organism - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1412 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2019/02/14 Category Health Essay Level High school Tags: GMO Essay Did you like this example? Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is one of the most important issues currently happening not only in the United States, but around the world. According to Megan Westgate, a researcher and supporter of a non-gmo lifestyle, says, â€Å"A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a plant, animal, microorganism or other organism whose genetic makeup has been modified in a laboratory using genetic engineering or transgenic technology.†(Westgate, non-gmo project). In shorter terms, bio engineers remove DNA from the experimental subject and manipulate it to try to improve its original form; for example, the point of GMO meals is so that food products look more beautiful, have a brighter color, and be larger in size. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Genetically Modified Organism" essay for you Create order Improving the looks of food sounds great, but what about all the dangerous chemicals bioengineers are inserting in the food products. Bioengineers are currently manipulating the crops DNA stems, so that pests die once they come in contact with the food; but somehow, it’s no be harmful to humans. Would eating an oversize fruit be appealing to anyone, knowing that it kills pests after consumption? GMOs are harmful to our health, lead to damages in the environment, and companies are just trying to manipulate the food-market. GMOs should be labeled and people should recognized how dangerous GMOs actually are. From the beginning of human history, crop products were always organic. Back then crops were grown just from the plants leftover seeds. Now in the modern world, GMOs have injected genes from another species what could be dangerous to the people. Most of the food that contain GMOs have yet to be proven to be safe for human beings. Biochemist can’t guarantee that GMOs’ side effects would be long-term and proving the food to be safe is beyond the capacity of current technology. People who supporter genetic engineering argue that biotechnology could improve the nutritional contents of various foods. This would mean that people would be able to receive all the vitamins in just a single food product. Having all the vitamins from a single food product could be a great advantage, but our foods will no longer be natural. The harmful effects of GMOs can cause food allergy reactions, escalate the rate of cancer, and even affect the immune system. Currently there are Several studies over GMOs, but a study that started the research was conducted by Dr. à rpà ¡d Pusztai at the Rowett Research Institute in 1998. Steve Connor a biochemist talks about Arpads first research results in an article from 2016. Arpads had said, â€Å"feeding GM potatoes to rats led them to malfunction of immune systems.† (Arpad, Article 2016). Other researchers have studied that manipulating the DNA of a fish and putting it back into the water; the population of the fish at one point would come to an extinction. Biochemist are putting GMOs in corn (commonly used in high fructose corn syrup, corn tortill as, cereals), Sugar, Soy lecithin (Used in packaged foods), Papaya, Zucchini, Canola oil, Tomatoes, and Dairy products. Evidence shows that GMOs are harmful to our health and to the animals, so why should GMOs be allowed to be in the food? Our environment is very important to keep clean in order for plants to grow rich in natural soil, but GMOs in the past decade have destroyed the environment and organic farming industries by contaminating organic foods. Biochemist assure that GMO crops contain harmful insect resistance and herbicide resistance and this would help to reduce environmental contamination. However, the resistance genes injected to the crops could easily spread to the ecological system (which is the relationship between humans and nature). Consequently, injecting the crops has resulted in the growth of super weeds and super insect by spreading the genes to them. Also, the mutation by biotechnology has also altered the ecology that killed useful insects and now the insect produces the toxin. GM crops have a disastrous effect on organic farming, especially on the most important parts of organic crops which is keeping cleanness and lacking of pollution. Seeds of GM plants are carried by wind and contaminate the natural plants. There is no way to stop the contamination of GM plants and organic plants. GMO Cross-contamination set up buffer zones between GMO farming and organic farming, but contamination still occurs. Once a farmer’s field is affected, there isnt a way to restore its natural state. GMO pollution caused by pollen spreads into GM crops cultivation areas. GMO contamination will occur once GM crops are cultivated. Therefore, Genetic pollution will destroy organic farming industry. Humans need to grow organic foods to avoid GMOs from taking over all of our real crops and natural soil. Lastly, GM crops are being forced onto the whole world by biotechnology multi-nationals seeking money for their products. Agriculture in many countries reorganized their own farming industry to increase productivity and try to make agriculture be depended on their industry. Agriculture in the world is going to be ruled by Multinationals; having a lot of output, consumers and farmers get a small profit, but companies such as The Monsanto would get the most. In The Monsanto Company, soybean products are being sold in which they use 2-5 times more herbicides than non-GM plants. The Monsanto company sells different types of seeds, which not all farmers have, and this way The Monsantos could make great businesses. These big companies will have the whole world food markets in their hands. When all food in the world becomes GM foods or their products, we would not have a choice to eat healthy organic food. GMOs would now be forced on the people. Industries would be holding onto the last rea l seeds on our planet, and probably start making a market out of that as well. These industries are not looking to benefit the peoples health or stop world hunger. These industries are only looking out for themselves to make enormous amounts of profits. Banning GMOs would be the best idea to save the world from company frauds, and fake food products. Currently in America, we have GMOs in many of our foods that some don’t recognise dangerous for our bodies. To prevent eating GM products, all foods should be labeled and people should be able to identify what foods they would like to consume. Most of major crops in the US came from GMO products. 92 percent of the corn grown in the US contains GMOs. Most of the food we eat are corn products, so all GM food must be labeled for protection against potential risks of eating the foods. Labeling is consistent with the right to know for consumers. Labeling food is the correct thing to do for consumers who want to stay away from manipulated crops. Once more people know how bad GM foods are people will then stop buying these foods and big companies won’t make major profits off of them. Awareness for GMOs is required, so that the people could recognized what GM food does to their health. Also, so that the people know what GM does to crops and how it damages the natural environme nt. Lastly, so that the big industries can’t get away with their hidden agenda. GMOs should be labeled all over America, so we could stay away from dangerous foods. GMOs should be banned around the world because we still don’t know all the side effects of each product in the long run. We shouldn’t risk our health with these GMOs by consuming these modified foods. Eating something without knowing what chemicals are inserted in your foods could cause harm to your body. If industries plan is to stop world hunger, GMOs is not the solution. We need to know how to share in order to stop world hunger. World hunger is not due to a shortage of food- globally there is enough to go round and if people make the right decisions, we can continue to feed the world despite population growth and climate change. It’s all about not being greedy and help the people in need. There is enough food in the world to feed third world countries, so creating GMOs is not one of the solution to world hunger. There are more benefits of living a health life without GMOs than using them. If people become more aware of modified foods, then one day we could co me to terms in banning GMOs for our health and for the benefits of a healthy green growing planet.

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The Odyssey, Analysis of Hubris, Ate, Nemesis Free Essays

The Cycle That Continues Today Many people get off a plane and think that was a terrible trip because the security lines were long, the flight was delayed, and the food was terrible. Odysseus’ journey is guaranteed to be a hundred times harder. He spends ten years trying to get home after the Trojan War and has a series of mishaps along the way. We will write a custom essay sample on The Odyssey, Analysis of Hubris, Ate, Nemesis or any similar topic only for you Order Now Homer, who was a famous bard in Ancient Greece, tells Odysseus’ story in the epic poem, the Odyssey. Throughout the poem, many characters go through the cycle of Hubris, Ate, and Nemesis, causing hardships that never needed to happen, and their mistakes teach readers lessons. The cycle begins when a character is arrogant, acts upon it, and then gets punished based on their actions. Iros, a beggar, decides that he doesn’t want to share the space with Odysseus, who he thinks is a weak old beggar, but he pays in the end. The suitor, Antinoos, leads the pack of men taking over Odysseus’ castle; he dies for his disloyal actions toward the king. Finally, Odysseus’ plan to return to Ithaka is slowed by over eight years after he angers Poseidon’s son by being arrogant. Iros isn’t closely related to the suitors or Odysseus but he still goes through the cycle. Iros’ experience with the cycle results in a loss of food and shelter after he commits his Ate. Iros meets an old and weak beggar whom he thinks he is better than because he is much younger and looks stronger. Then, during his Ate, he challenges the beggar to a fight for the castle‘s Great Hall. In his Nemesis, the beggar, who is actually Odysseus, breaks his jaw in the first punch and then hurts his leg with just a quick kick. Readers can learn through Iros not to judge others by their looks or age. Before the fight, Iros encourages the suitors to pay attention and cheer him on. Iros tells Odysseus, â€Å"Clear-out grandfather or be hauled by the ankle bone. See them all giving me the wink? That means, ‘Go on and drag him out! ’ I hate to do it. Up with you! Or would you like a fist fight† (Fitzgerald 335). When Iros commits his Ate, he angers Odysseus by insulting him. This shows that people should learn to share, and not take advantage of elders. The cycle continues throughout the story in Antinoos. During Odysseus’ absence, Antinoos thinks he can take over the castle and his wife; this causes him to lose his life. When Odysseus doesn’t return from the Trojan War, people begin to question if he is alive or not. Antinoos and the other suitors decide to take advantage of this opportunity by invading the castle. His Ate is committed when they drink Odysseus’ wine, slaughter his cattle, and mistreat Penelope, Odysseus’ wife, and the other servants. When Odysseus finally returns, still disguised as a beggar, Antinoos throws a chair at him. In the end, his nemesis is being the first suitor to die, since he is the leader of the pack. Readers can learn not to take advantage of others or take what has not been earned. Odysseus and his most trusted servants lock the suitors in the Great Hall, in order to try to kill them. Homer writes, â€Å"He drew the cruel head of an arrow for Antinoos just as the young man leaned to lift his beautiful cup†¦ Odysseus hit him under the chin and punched up the feather through his throat† (Fitzgerald 409). Antinoos’ Nemesis is death at the hand of Odysseus’ arrow, and it is revenge for taking over his castle. Although Odysseus causes the Nemesis of Iros and Antinoos, he experiences the cycle himself. Even though Odysseus is considered the hero of the poem, he still goes through the Hubris, Ate, and Nemesis cycle. In order to escape Polyphemos’ cave, where he is trapped, Odysseus blinds the Kyklopes. After escaping the cave, he boards the ship and with arrogance reveals his name and where he is from. In anger, the Kyklopes asks his dad, Poseidon, to punish Odysseus by making it almost impossible to return to Ithaka, Odysseus’ home, this is his Nemesis. The lesson the reader can learn is that boasting can get in the way of the ultimate goal. Bragging makes others even more mad, and they try to get revenge. Odysseus couldn’t just leave quietly. Polyphemos tells his dad everything he knows and how to punish him. He yells, â€Å"Oh hear me lord, blue girdler of the islands, if I am thine indeed, and thou art father: grant that Odysseus, raider of cities, never see his home again. Laertes son, I mean, who kept his hall on Ithaka. Should destiny intend that he shall see his roof again among his family in his fathers land, far be that day, and dark the years between. Let him lose all companions, and return under strange sail to biter days home† (Fitzgerald 161). Polyphemos determines Odysseus’ fate. It takes ten years for him to return home finally. All of his crew dies, and when he arrives, he finds that suitors have invaded his castle. The lessons learned from Odysseus’ mistakes are important for people today, not only for people the past. Arrogance can’t always be controlled, and still today self-importance gets in the way of peoples life goals. The Odyssey’s exciting adventure teaches lessons about life and human nature. None of the characters are perfect, so this allows people to relate to their personalities and mistakes, keeping this poem popular. How to cite The Odyssey, Analysis of Hubris, Ate, Nemesis, Papers

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Web Communications in International Gadgets

Question: Describe about the web communications in international gadgets. Answer: TO: Staff of International Gadgets FROM: John Moore DATE: Ms. Karen Sazasaki SUBJECT: Web communications in International Gadgets DATE: 10th June, 2015 The standards of web communications that are to be implemented in the company have been successfully drafted. It has been brought into notice a few days ago that our manufacturing unit at Detroit could not meet certain deadlines due to miscommunications or late communications between them and the sales department. Certain similar issues have also been noticed in the past. Using the standards of web communication that have been developed, we will be able to prevent such incidents any further. Immediacy is an important characteristic of web communications: any documents, records and/ or messages can be immediately sent from one department to the other. Such communications are also interactive as both the parties involved in the communication can actively take part in it. The web communication system will be accessible to only those personnel who are assigned the task of communicating departmental issues with other departments. This specific application can also be used for the transmission of messages, reports/documents, orders or any such information within the organization. Access to this application will be restricted to only those employees who are at present assigned with these activities and will be safe guarded using user names and corresponding passwords, which will be provide by the organization. The web communication tool will also be helpful in maintaining a corporate credibility of our organization (Baek, Kim, Yu, 2010). We will be able to communicate with all our customers and dealers in a more efficient way than before. We need to build up a social media network for facilitating such communications in a serious manner. The products and services that are provided by our organization need to be of a prime quality, such that they can be utilized more efficiently so as to establish a credibility of our brand. The privacy and security of data and/ or information is a prime concern to any organization that utilizes the internet for performing all or some of its operations (Kim, Tao, Shin, Kim, 2010). As most of the communication channels used in this organization will be based on the internet from now onwards, security and privacy issues might creep in into our system (Breitsohl, Khammash, Griffiths, 2010). Official websites of various organizations frequently face certain attacks and/or threats which disrupt the services frequently and can also target the data integrity of the organization. However, our IT solution provider are looking into implementing security measures in the system and they will also providing some basic training to our employees (Balzacq, 2010). The basic ethical issue that we need to consider is whether we can use the personal information provided to us by the customers for any other purposes other than to communicate with them. The standards that we are implying would allow us to only gather this information from the customers that are absolutely essential to us and we will be using those only to communicate with them. At present, only the computing devices that are provided by the organization will only have access to the system. However, the management has already planned for adapting policies that will enable other device to connect to the system. The web application that has been designed contains an entire process which can be accessed in case the employees require any help regarding the use of the application. I hope to have the cooperation of all the employees of the organization in this new venture. Best, John Moore References Baek, T. H., Kim, J., Yu, J. H. (2010). The differential roles of brand credibility and brand prestige in consumer brand choice.Psychology Marketing,27(7), 662-678. Balzacq, T. (Ed.). (2010).Understanding Securitisation Theory: How Security Problems Emerge and Dissolve. Routledge. Breitsohl, J., Khammash, M., Griffiths, G. (2010). E-business complaint management: perceptions and perspectives of online credibility.Journal of Enterprise Information Management,23(5), 653-660. Kim, C., Tao, W., Shin, N., Kim, K. S. (2010). An empirical study of customers perceptions of security and trust in e-payment systems.Electronic Commerce Research and Applications,9(1), 84-95.